Welcome to Your Bush Adventure

Experience the authentic essence of Kenya’s most independent people. Learn from them to throw a spear, track a goat, make fire, and all the other skills they have used for generations. Walk in the bush with the Warriors, see their environment through their eyes, listen to the hidden clues in animal calls, feel for yourself what it's like to wear a shuka, share stories, ideas, values.

Join us to try new activities, get insights into a different culture- and perhaps your own, all while enjoying a relaxing andcomfortable break in the remote Kenyan bush.

We host small, exclusive groups for trips where you will live and learn with the indigenous Maasai people in a way that brings a true exchange of ideas.

Our trips are fun, comfortable, exciting and occasionally challenging. They will take you to remote areas where you will spend your days outdoors in landscapes not touched by the modern world, and where essential comforts are all catered for.

Bush Adventures, established in 2009, currently offers a number of expeditions to northern Kenya, to train with Maasai Warriors and enjoy an adventure that will change the way you experience life.