Our Community

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We are part of the local community: Silas, one of the owners, is from the area and so are all our employees. We also contribute to the Maasai community in the Isiolo/ Leparua area by
  • Giving highly educated local people a chance to practice, and be proud of, their traditional lifestyle: our trainers are high school graduates and their job is to practice and teach warrior skills, analyze and share their culture and traditions with our guests
  • Providing employment: we employ almost exclusively local staff, both on a salary and on a casual basis
  • Increasing trade: whenever possible, we purchase products and services locally. Instead of running our own shop, we encourage local women to come and sell their jewellery artefacts at the camp, when guests want to purchase them
  • Improving security: we have brought more rangers and better security equipment (radios, vehicles) to the area
  • Providing support to local schools: we have started a scheme that brings volunteer teachers in the community schools. Please contact us for more info

Our environment

Our presence has minimal impact on the fragile local environment:
  • No running water or electricity at the camp: we fetch water with buckets from the river, and minimize its usage
  • No electricity at the camp: we use solar powered lights all around the camp. We use no fridge- only coolboxes
  • No use of vehicles in any of our activities- we only keep them for emergencies and logistics
  • We separate organic rubbish and compost it, we minimize all rubbish by buying in bulk with minimal packaging wherever feasible
  • No tree or shrub has been cut to accommodate our camp
We welcome suggestions on how to be more eco-friendly: please contact us