Maasai Family Adventure

Join us for a holiday of outdoor activities in the bush that will keep you and your children equally entertained.

Stay in full comfort and safety at our elegant luxury camp, and enjoy the excellent cuisine of our professional chef.

Enjoy the intimacy of an exclusive place for you and your family only: we will keep the whole camp reserved just for you.

You will be able to try out  your own selection of activities available in the Survivor Training, and some of the ones in the Full training. Your children will be joining in with you, and where this is not suitable for safety reasons, they will have a range of Maasai children's games to pick from.

Some of the things you can do:

  • Learn how to use traditional weapons
  • Play Maasai games for children
  • Herd and milk goats
  • Make fire and dig wells
  • Learn how to track animals
  • Make medicines from local plants
  • Learn how to jump and dance with the Warriors

Dates and duration of the holiday are flexible: tell us about your interests and we will design together the program you want.