Introductory Training (4 Days)

A thrilling initiation into some of the fundamental customs of our Maasai warrior traditions, the program is concentrated on how we defend ourselves out in the bush far from home, and how we protect our animals from predators.

You will have an introduction to our culture, how our society is organised and we’ll teach you some of the basics of our language. We’ll spend most of the time outdoor – perhaps in a sandy riverbed or a shaded clearing. We'll start with a short upwards hike to give you a wide-angle view of the wilderness around us.

Central to being a Maasai warrior is the ability to protect family and cattle, and you will spend your days learning our fighting techniques. Our weapons are hand-fashioned from local hardwoods by master craftsmen. Which will be your natural weapon? The bow and arrow, perhaps? Or our 6ft (2m) fighting spears? Or maybe our rungus – short throwing sticks of wood so dense they can crack a skull. You’ll need to know how to deflect attacks with our famous cow-hide shields – we’ll show you that too.

All of these activities, like everything you do with Maasai Warrior Training, will be carried out with constant vigilance to your safety and that of everyone around you.

We’ll show you how we wrestle – for those times when all our weapons are depleted and we have only our hands and our muscles – and how to track our enemies and how to set an ambush to trap them. You’ll learn how to recognise the different footprints and signs that animals leave – which animal or person has been stalking your boma (homestead) at night? You will also learn how we track our livestock to find them if they are lost, and to identify which predator may have tried to attack them.

Everything is designed to teach you some of the secrets of what we do, and it’s also great fun. We’ll take it all at your pace. And we’ll make sure that we spend time doing the activities you enjoyed the most as many times as you want.