Train for endurance with the Kenyan marathon champions

You run a few marathons a year. Your times are good– 3h, 3h 30, but you know you could do better: to move to the next level, you are looking for the personalized advice of a professional marathon runner, for a chance to toughen your body, to learn how to cope with the strains of extreme running.

Welcome to Bush Adventures’ endurance training for marathon runners.

Joins us for an intensive 8 days in the bush, running like our ancestors did: in the heat, on rough paths, up and down hills, with wild animals in the distance.

Unlike our ancestors, though, you will be guided by a professional athlete, one of the world’s best: Elias Maindi, winner of Linz Marathon 2008 and 2009, and of the Great Lakes Marathon in Kisumu 2007, whose personal best is 2h 08min.

We will provide you with all the assistance and comforts that you would want when tackling such a physical challenge:

  •  Water points every 3 KM
  • A safety car behind you
  • A safety motorbike checking the paths ahead of you
  • Onsite physiotherapist at the camp

You will get the personalized attention that is our trademark: you will be training with a maximum 5 other runners, with the full and undivided attention of Elias and his aides. You will have at least 3 personal training sessions with Elias, where he will correct your style and give you tips to improve your performance. There will be discussions in the afternoon on topics ranging from how to prepare for a marathon, to technical tips, to how to avoid and cope with injuries.

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You will do original and fun activities for your cross– training: Our team of Maasai Warriors will teach you how to use a bow and arrow, throw sticks, a spear and the other traditional weapons. This will help you reinforce the upper part of your body, improve your coordination skills,  aim, and flexibility.

Luxurious Accommodation
You will stay in our tented camp and sleep in elegant and luxurious safari tents. You will be able to  wash with clean, hot water and relax around the fire in the company of our team of Maasai warriors, and eat excellent meals designed to optimally nourish you during this training.