Warrior Training Courses and other programs

Please note that we are currently relocating our trainings to the local community lodge. More details on prices and accommodation will follow, for info please email laura (at) bush-adventures.com

At Maasai Warrior Training, we will bring small groups of outgoing travellers deep into the untouched bush of northern Kenya, to a 16,500 hectare conservancy rich in wildlife and ringed by sacred mountains.

You will stay with us and learn our ways – first you will watch us as we show you and teach you how, and then you will try it out for yourselves. You will spend your days as we do – in the open under endless African skies.

You will learn how we track animals, how we protect our livestock with hand-fashioned weapons, how we dig water from river-bank wells and grind medicine from bark and plants.

After the sun sets, we will sit together around the campfire to share stories about our culture, learn about yours and discover that although our lives may seem far removed, there is much to find in common.

Come, you are welcome, join us for a holiday you will remember for the rest of your life.

We offer three types of Maasai Warrior Training, each of which is modified throughout the year to take advantage of local conditions and opportunities, as well as special programs:




We can accommodate a maximum of 8 guests per training.

Transport between Nairobi and our camp in the community conservancy of Il Ngwesi, close to mount Kenya, can be organized upon request and is provided in modern 4WD safari vehicles.