Personalized Adventures

Join us for your ideal adventure: come alone or with your dear ones and friends, choose your dates and your activities, for a trip that is exactly how you would like it.

Just to give you some ideas of what we can do together:

  • A very original stag weekend: unleash your competitive spirit and see which of you will be the first to hit the target with bow and arrow, who will throw the spear furthest, who is the most resilient in long walks, or the fastest at making fire.
  • A week to learn all about traditional medicine: which plants are used to cure the most common illnesses, how to collect the useful parts without damaging the plant, how to prepare the various medicines, increasing or weakening the potency of the active ingredients.
  • A relaxed few days bird-watching and tracking animals: just in the camp grounds, we have found over 30 different species of birds. Observe their behavior and practice their calls. In the morning, explore the tracks left by wild animals in the riverbed, and get insights on animal behaviour from them.
  • A tough ten days of trekking in the amazing hills in the area: give the warriors a chance, and they will test your endurance and your stamina on long, arduous walks! Join them in the long nights under the stars, sing their songs and fall asleep with the calls of wild animals all around you- knowing that the warriors are there to protect you.

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