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"My wife and I had the most amazing time. When we were looking at booking this trip we had concerns that it wouldn't be authentic... we couldn't have been more wrong. The warriors are 100% legit and eager to not only to teach you about their culture and way of life but to also learn about yours. We would have had an amazing time if all we did was learn to throw spears, track wild animals, make fire, etc but that's only a small portion of the trip. The real value of the trip is in the conversations with the warriors and living deep in the bush. You don't realize how crazy and unnatural your life is until you try and explain it to a warrior."

(Survivor training, 1 week, October 2011)


"[...]we will never forget the night around the fire with Masai songs and (jumping!) dances. Everything was really perfect! We were so sad when it was time to leave. Thanks so much to Laura, Sailas, Saita and Lecortol. ps. the food was by far the best we had in Kenya!!!!"

(Special introductory training, August 2011)

 "I can honestly say that this is one of the best holidays I have ever had. [...] my son loved the week spent in the camp, saying it was the best week of his life, that the trainers were all his personal friends now, and that he will throw away his playstation on coming back home. "

(Family adventure, 1 week, Juky 2010)


"Learning how to be a Maasai warrior in the middle of the bush is probably one of the best experiences I have ever had. A stunning camp, incredible food, friendly staff, and a cultural exchange which money cannot buy."

(Introductory Training, 4 days, May 2010)


"This is clearly not a holiday you will forget. If you have a spirit of adventure and love being in the outdoors, and getting close to a truly fascinating East African culture then do this, now. I did, and loved every minute of it. Everything from the people, surroundings, guest comfort, daily activities are all fantastic, and there are things to do for all interests, fitness levels etc. The team are extremely capable and welcoming and make you feel right at home...right in the middle of nowhere!"

(Survivor Training, 7 days, June 2010)

"The instructors are very friendly, courteous, intelligent and genuinely happy you're there and eager to teach you the activities in the bush, and also impart knowledge, stories, facts and any other tid-bit you may require."

(Introductory training, 4 days, May 2010)


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"You'll be leaving your clothes, your phone and your attachment to indoor plumbing at the edge of camp, and getting a red tribal robe and a new set of survival skills in exchange. ..."

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"Gathered around me in their flame-red robes are two morans and two junior elders. They are young men from Africa's renowned herding tribe, the Maasai, where warriors are still ranked by strict age classes. In their late teens they must submit, without audible complaint, to the painful circumcision rite to become a moran. They serve a role that calls for them to defend the community's most precious resource, its cattle, with their life if necessary. My tutors in the martial arts flash me a priceless smile. ..."

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" MY TRAINER, SILAS KOIYAREN KITONGA, has a priceless smile. “Lean forward and don’t aim for too long, otherwise your arms will start shaking,” he says, letting me into the secret of firing the perfect shot. ..."

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"[... ] The Maasai show you a different way to live, they clearly define what is most important for them in life.” Laura and Silas began to envision what Maasai Warrior Training could be and what it would mean to the Maasai community then Silas put together a team of warriors from the area. “The warriors present during the training are excellent spokesman for their community, values, traditions, and perspectives on the developing world. When you visit a normal lodge, the people are still restricted in how they interact, but the Maasai Warriors are extremely open and articulate. ... "

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"[...] Here, every day is a different adventure. It's like a crash course for living in the Wild [...]"

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In Italian:

"In Kenya in un accampamento Maasai, per imparare a usare arco, freccia e bastoni, a riconoscere l'avvicinarsi di predatori, a curarsi con le piante, ad accendere un fuoco, a individuare l'acqua potabile. Per una vacanza avventurosa davvero"


"Eco-avventura nelle terre dell'antica tribù africana per imparare a sopravvivere nella savana. Tra archi, frecce e notti sotto le stelle un'occasione per valorizzare al meglio le proprie risorse interiori e metterle a frutto nella vita e nel lavoro di tutti i giorni"

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