Survivor Training (7 Days)

Our second, more comprehensive adventure starts with all of the activities featured in the Introductory Training, and then switches focus onto the ways we have learned since we were children, of how to survive in what might appear to be very hostile terrain.

What are the key things you need to stay alive in tough landscapes? Water, shelter and food. At first none of these might seem to be easy to find. But we will show you how we find drinking water, how we identify the best fuel for campfires, and you’ll learn how to start a fire with nothing but two pieces of wood found nearby. We’ll explain the traps we can set, and how to skin a freshly-slaughtered goat and prepare its meat. To protect our animals against night-time predators, we build thick fences, and you’ll see the knowledge our people have built up over generations put into action.

Here, if you fall ill with a common, simple complaint, we know there is no need to go to the doctor. Nature’s pharmacy is all around us. We’ll show you how to grind or process plants and barks to cure malaria, backache or an upset stomach.

We’ll introduce you to some of the members of our tribe’s Council of Elders, who will join us around the campfire to talk of times past, our cultural history, our sacred beliefs – and of the adventures of their fascinating lives.

And all of this, everything you have learned, will be put into practice when you spend one day and one night out in the bush, sleeping under the stars (with a mosquito net) alongside us, your trainers. This will be a true experience of life as a Maasai warrior – aside from, perhaps, the presence of an armed wildlife ranger for a little extra protection.

On our last morning, you’ll graduate as a true Maasai Warrior Trainee, with memories that will last you into that time when you yourself are also an elder.